How to Apply

How to Apply

Applicants should apply online and submit all required materials to complete their file.  All completed applications will be reviewed within one business week, and new students are admitted on an ongoing basis.

Application Deadline

EUCLID’s degree programs are asynchronous in nature and operated on the basis of individual scheduling and roadmap program. Deadlines do not apply, but it is important to note that enrollments are granted for a 30-45 day window. Applicant who desire to secure an admission slot for the mid-term (3 years beyond application) should discuss their situation with Admissions Office.

Application Process

Applicants must apply through the main EUCLID site (, . All documents should be submitted by email, as will be requested by the automatic application acknowledgement email.

As transcripts and test scores may take several weeks to process, it is strongly recommended that you begin your application early. In most cases, EUCLID accepts scan copies of transcripts and diplomas, but always reserves the right to ask for an official hard copy.

Application and US/$90 application fee

Diplomas, Transcripts, Official transcripts

Transcripts showing all previous undergraduate and graduate work with grades and degrees.

Official test scores and TOEFL

The US GRE is not required at this time. A TOEFL is not required as fluency in English will be carefull evaluated during the interview and document review process.


Applicants should provide contact information for a minimum of two references. Evaluations may come from an employer, supervisor, academic advisor, professor or mentor and address the following:

  • Academic background
  • Experience in leadership
  • Future career goals
  • Commitment to service and the industry
  • Qualities which make you a strong candidate

Personal statement

A personal statement addressing the following questions:

  • Academic background
  • Reasons for interest in EUCLID, global health, and future career goals
  • Past experience, including leadership, service/volunteer, teaching and/or employment
  • Qualities which make you a strong candidate

Identification documents

Applicants must submit a scan of their passport identification page, or if not available of another acceptable form of official identification.
Completion of additional application questions

Start your Online Application now

Each application is reviewed by our admissions committee. The committee reviews applications for evidence of the applicant’s intent and purpose in pursuing the degree, work/volunteer/leadership experience and past academic performance.

If you have any questions, contact:

EUCLID – MIPH Admission
Email: [email protected]
Brusubi Phase 2, Senegambia Hwy, Brufut
PMB 819 Brusubi
Greater Banjul – The Gambia
+ 220 7918053