Updated Q2/2022 EUCLID provides a number of employment opportunities, most of which are categorized as “telecommuting” and “contract-based.” Current openings on the faculty side (all positions requiring a completed Ph.D. from a WHED-listed institution) are in the following areas of expertise: Climate science / Earth science / Environmental science Monitoring and evaluation International relations theory […]

HQs and Offices

Bangui Headquarters EUCLIDE (Pôle Universitaire Euclide)Bureau EUCLIDE au Campus ENAMAvenue de France, Quartier Sica SaidouBP 157BanguiCentral African Republic Tel. : +236 21 61 59 23 Brusubi Headquarters EUCLID University Gambia HQ OfficeBrusubi Phase 2Street Adjacent Brusubi Police Station50 Meters Off RoadWest Coast RegionThe GambiaTel: (+220) 6645597 / 3773464 / 9995597Whatsapp: (+220) 3773464 EUCLID Headquarters Gambia […]

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2018 The 2018 EUCLID Annual Report is available in PDF format.

Officials and Administration

The operations, structure and administration of EUCLID (Pôle Universitaire Euclide / Euclid University) are defined by the multilateral intergovernmental agreements which include the EUCLID Statutes referenced in Article III of the Charta. The administrative organs includes: An Executive Board headed by the Secretary General A Governing Board with all the national coordinators / points of contact […]


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