Prof. Dr. Ernst von Schwarz

Dr. Schwarz, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC, FSCAI, is board-certified in internal medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine and in cardiology/cardiovascular diseases by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Cardiology/Cardiovascular Diseases. His primary clinical interests are end-stage heart failure, cardiac transplantation, interventional cardiology, and sexual function in cardiac disease. A clinician and scientist, Dr. […]

Charalee Graydon

EUCLID is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Charalee Graydon, JD, as a member of the faculty group to support the LLM program. Ms. Graydon holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Alberta (Canada) as well as a BCL from Oxford University. She has extensive experience as a legal petitioner and mediator. […]

Global Student Body

EUCLID is a truly international and intergovernmental institution of higher learning, serving students (and alumni) from more than 35 countries. Students come not only from EUCLID’s Participating States but also from all over the world, including: Bahrain Bosnia Canada France Germany Lebanon Mali Nigeria Saudi Arabia Spain Singapore United States.

1 in 17,000+

According to reliable sources such as UNESCO, they are more than 17,000 universities, colleges, and other institutions of higher learning in the world today. A more accurate number if we are to include recently established institutions as well as lesser-known private institutions is 20,000 to 25,000. Experts, prospective students, as well as employers are well […]

3 Hours / Student

A major concern with online learning is the quality and quantity of interaction between students and faculty members. Will qualified professors be available? How long will it take to get a reply or a paper graded? These are important considerations with a significant impact on the quality of any online learning experience. At EUCLID, faculty […]

Pr Laurent Cleenewerck

Pr Laurent Cleenewerck is EUCLID’s international faculty coordinator and one of the original visionaries who supported the EUCLID vision since its inception in 2004. He is a respected specialist in interfaith diplomacy who received the 2016 UN World Interfaith Harmony Week first prize from H.M. King Abdullah of Jordan. He is the author of several […]

Top 50 Rankings

EUCLID LISTED IN SPRINGER TOP 50 GLOBAL HEALTH PROGRAMS EUCLID is pleased to announce its inclusion, with the Euclid Consortium as one entry, in the list of the Top 50 global health programs (institutions and schools of global health, Appendix A1) which is part of a recently Springer textbook publication entitled: Global Population Health and Well- […]